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Under Pressure: LexDock creates a digital marketplace for solo & small firm practitioners.

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

After graduating from law school, CWBA member, Abeer Abu Judeh worked a variety of positions in the legal profession. She clerked for a federal magistrate judge and then practiced in big law, government, non-profits, solo, and most recently as in-house counsel for a Fortune 500 company. That most recent role is where she recognized the struggle modern businesses have juggling a range of unrelated legal matters while engaging in a complex dynamic with outside counsel, so she decided to focus on a solution. That solution is LexDock, an online legal management system developed to keep a business’s legal affairs organized while also enabling attorneys to better collaborate with their clients.

LexDock is changing the way legal services are delivered. This startup was recognized, two weeks after launch, by LawWeek Colorado as a “New Marketplace on the Market.” The app offers many features for businesses and attorneys to collaborate; such as a repository for legal documents, discrete alerts, a budgeting tool, a discussion board and an attorney review area. Businesses and attorneys are introduced via the app and can begin their legal partnership immediately.

This app is a game changer for the solo/small firm practitioner. Because LexDock does the work of lead generation, attorneys can focus on the practice of law instead of marketing and advertising. Having a supply of clients also better spreads overhead expenses. A consistent, online client interface makes organizing client files more efficient.

The app empowers solo practitioners to focus on their specialty by accepting matters related to their practice area. App infrastructure like secure email, project management tools and messaging boards to communicate and document, keep business costs down for attorneys. Having a conversation log provides transparency and keeps expectations realistic, eliminating the need for less secure methods of communication such as texts. The secure messaging board also reduces the attorney’s investment in advanced IT tools to protect the client’s proprietary information. These tools are the next level in attorney-client collaboration.

Managing time is more important than ever for today's practitioner, LexDock helps with time management by streamlining processes and eliminating the need to use multiple apps. LexDock vets attorney credentials and negotiates rates as the attorney joins the network. Administrative time to work out rates and engagement terms is saved. The attorney has more time to focus on work within her practice focus and building her reputation.

Using the platform each attorney bills the client separately and retains their earned fees as an independent practitioner. The flow of new matters is based on the individual attorney and her capacity to take on more work. The power for a successful legal enterprise is practicing law, not watching a clock.

Life doesn’t have to take a backseat to practicing law when being part of the LexDock network. A vacation can easily be navigated by taking on fewer matters and being on top of current matters by accessing the app from anywhere. Having the flexibility to work from home, to set hours based on life needs like caring for a family, and focusing on legal work rather than the minutiae of running a business are reasons LexDock is transforming the business of law.


Abeer Abu Judeh is the founder of LexDock. She has 15 years of legal practice experience holding various positions in private law firms, government, non-profit, solo practice and in-house counsel roles. She uses technology to solve problems for medium and small sized businesses. LexDock is the answer to helping businesses manage their legal affairs and get to business faster.

For more information or to join the LexDock network go to or contact

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