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Top Ten Reasons to Join the CWBA LIFT! Mentorship Program

If you haven't already applied for this valuable member benefit, here are the top ten reasons you should join LIFT!

  1. Give back!

  2. Kickstart your professional development, especially if you're new to Colorado or the practice of law.

  3. Get advice on how to change practice areas or navigate a life change.

  4. Connect to your community by meeting fellow CWBA LIFT! members.

  5. Challenge old behavior: learn new approaches and perspectives.

  6. Earn 11 hours of CLE credits, including 9 general and 2 ethics, by participating in the CLE-accredited track.

  7. Advance your career: one study found Mentors were promoted six times more often, and Mentees five times more often.

  8. Make progress on (or flesh out!) your professional development and career goals.

  9. Demonstrate leadership skills—mentors are able to gain experience in a leadership role, and mentees are able to learn leadership skills from their mentors.

  10. Avoid #FOMO! The program is only offered once per year and the application process is easy—don’t miss out!

Applications are due by Friday, January 13, 2023. The 2023 CWBA LIFT! Mentorship Program will launch February 7, 2023, and runs through January 31, 2024.

Click here to read our LIFT! FAQs. For more information or to get involved in the Mentorship Committee, please contact CWBA Mentorship Committee Co-Chairs Whitney Travis Kelly and Karin Williamson.

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