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The 1891 - The National Conference of Women's Bar Associations' Outstanding Member Program Awardee

If you have not seen or heard it yet, that's right, The CWBA Blog - The 1891, was recently awarded the 2021 Outstanding Member Program Award by the National Conference of Women's Bar Associations at their leadership summit held on August 6, 2021.

Your Publications Committee co-chairs and hardworking members are proud and honored to receive the award. The 2021-22 co-chairs would like to give a special thank you to former committee co-chairs Veronique Van Gheem and Maria-Vittoria "Giugi" Carminati, as well as then-committee member Jessie Pellant, for bringing The 1891 to life and to our amazing past-President Cat Shea for her support and leadership when the blog was just a blossoming idea. In honor of the award, Publications Committee Co-Chair, Carime Lee, has prepared a brief tutorial to show you some of the features of The 1891 blog site.

As an additional treat, check out our acceptance video for the award.

Thank you to Kathryn Starnella and Andrea Bronson, 2020-21 Professional Advancement Committee Co-Chairs, for their work in preparing and submitting the award application for The 1891. We are honored by your recognition of the Publications Committee's hard work in bringing The 1891 to life and ensuring its sustainability for years to come!

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