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Learn about Video Marketing for Attorneys

Video marketing is a tool for law firms and attorneys to have in their promotional toolbox. Why? Because it can accomplish several goals, such as generating more traffic, developing more leads, and converting more paying clients for the practice.

Video marketing:

  • Is reliable in boosting SEO and search rankings

  • Helps you engage with your target audience

  • Can convince prospective clients that you are the one they need to represent them

However, many lawyers mistakenly believe that adding videos to their marketing strategy is either too much of a challenge or that it will break the bank. Let's take a closer look at video marketing and why these beliefs aren't true.

The Purpose of Video Marketing

The purpose of video marketing is to use an advertising medium that will reach the audience you need to reach. Leveraging the power of video, you can impact potential clients right where they are in a way that feels comfortable and natural to them. Trying to reach potential clients where their eyes and ears aren't will never be successful.

You have to get on their level, and right now, that level is on video.

Through video marketing, your firm will not only be seen but also heard. This medium gives you more personality and provides a warmth and understanding that the written or heard word cannot.

What is Video Marketing Used For?

Video marketing gets your name and brand out there in front of a large prospective client audience. It makes you and your fellow attorneys seem more personable. However, it should also be used to provide valuable information to potential clients. When people run into legal issues, they have many questions. You have the answers to those common questions and can offer them a valuable resource through video marketing.

For example, personal injury clients might be wondering what their case is worth or if they really need to see an attorney. Bankruptcy clients might worry they have to give up all of their possessions to file, or a divorcing dad might worry he will never be able to see his kids again. With video marketing, you can meet potential clients where they are and provide them with a lifeline of answers to their most pressing questions.

What is a Video Marketing Strategy?

A video marketing strategy is often designed by marketing teams with the purpose of creating, curating, and using videos to market their products or services to a specifically identified audience. The aim is to have audience members continuously engaged with the brand in a way that's straightforward and quick to access and understand.

Video marketing can be used on its own or in conjunction with other strategies, such as content marketing or social media. Despite what you might think, hiring a marketing team to work on your video marketing strategy is affordable.

Video Marketing Benefits

Legal video marketing has many benefits. Depending on your strategy and resources, it can be accomplished at a relatively low cost or even free, which gives it an incredible ROI. In addition, video marketing:

  • Improves brand awareness

  • Increases conversion rates

  • Garners more leads

  • Gives your law firm a more approachable feel

  • Persuades potential clients you're the right firm for the job

  • Increases search engine rankings

Consider Outsourcing Your Video Marketing Strategy

If you are feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to get started with legal video marketing, there's good news. You don't have the skills or experience of Spielberg, Scorcese, or Tarantino to begin your video marketing campaign. Neither do you need an in-house team to produce your video. Instead, you can add video marketing through a professional company like Denver Legal Marketing to your 2024 marketing strategy. Let the tried-and-true legal marketing video experts do the hard work for you while you reap the many benefits.


Meranda Vieyra is the owner of Denver Legal Marketing LLC. She is one of the most visible legal professionals in Colorado law with over 20 years of service in the Denver legal community. Her award-winning marketing firm has earned a strong reputation as the go-to for impactful, cost-effective legal marketing strategies. She has helped her clients secure coverage by well-known publications and has obtained local, national, and international awards on their behalf. Meranda enjoys working with solo practitioners and small law firms helping them attract recognition, promotion, and visibility to their practices. She also advises medium-sized and national law firms on business development and marketing strategy. Meranda is a lecturer and author on issues related to marketing including how lawyers can use LinkedIn effectively, how to develop a personal brand, and the promotion of legal services through community service. In 2018, she was honored to be named to the 40 Under 40 list by the Denver Business Journal and to be given the 10 Under 10 Award by the Metropolitan State University of Denver Alumni Association (top 10 alum of the decade). In 2019, Meranda was named in the Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Business by the Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce and in the Top 100 young professionals in Colorado through the Gen XYZ Awards published by ColoradoBiz Magazine.

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