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Get to Know CWBA Member Jenna Klos

You might recognize this familiar face bustling around the CWBA's Annual Convention. For years, Jenna Klos has not only been an active member of the Convention Committee but is also the individual who coordinates the exciting Convention swag bags. While Jenna is stepping down from her role on the Convention Committee, we will still see her around as a fellow member of the CWBA. To show our appreciation for Jenna, this article highlights her contributions to Convention and also allows us to know her a little more!

Jenna lives in Centennial with her husband of 12 years and her two daughters. She is a CPA and an associate of Harper Hofer & Associates, LLC (HHA). She began her accounting career in audit after graduating from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she was born and raised. She later was hired by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and worked in their Washington federal practice. While at PwC, she had the opportunity to work with the forensic accounting team tasked with evaluating claims and calculating damages for a high-profile victims’ compensation fund. The time spent on this engagement was the reason she sought a position with a firm that operated in the forensic accounting field when she moved to Denver in 2012. While she still does some forensic accounting work at HHA, she also found a passion for engaging in marital dissolutions. Within these matters, she performs business valuations, income analyses, asset tracing, lifestyle analyses, and more.

Jenna joined the CWBA in 2013 and from her very first convention, she found meaningful connections with attorneys and other members. She joined the CWBA board in 2015 and served as one of the Non-Attorney Legal Professionals Committee representatives for three years. The opportunity to further cultivate connection and community after her time on the board is a big reason why Jenna stepped up as a member of the Convention Committee, starting in 2019.

Each year since then, Jenna has spearheaded collecting items for the amazing swag bags Convention goers receive. Putting her personal touch on these swag bags, Jenna connects with some of her favorite brands to ensure their products fill our Convention bags (including many healthy options to fuel CWBA members through Convention!). Naturally, Jenna’s abilities to connect with others and procure products for a good cause will come in handy when she transitions into a role as the Vice President Junior on her daughters’ elementary school’s parent-teacher board where she will help lead all fundraising programs.

When Jenna is not working or helping out with professional organizations, she enjoys a fun and active lifestyle with her family. Ever since she was little, Jenna enjoyed ice skating and is actually professionally trained. Today, she plays tennis, skis, and enjoys reading.


Victoria Kosobucki is an associate attorney at Bloch & Chapleau, Cates, Ongert, where she practices family law, personal injury, and estate planning. Victoria attended Marquette University Law School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and graduated in May of 2021. When she is not volunteering for the CWBA or working, she enjoys skiing and exploring the beautiful state of Colorado.

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Jenna, you will be so missed on the Committee. You're a hard act to follow!

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