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CWBA President's Welcome

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Welcome to the CWBA’s blog, The 1891! Why call it The 1891, you ask? Because in 1891, Mary Sternberg Thomas and Josephine Moody Luthe became the first women admitted to the practice of law in the state of Colorado, and we want to honor our foremothers with this venture.

The CWBA Publications Committee has put their heart and soul into this project in an effort to build an online community for women in the legal profession. CWBA members are invited (and encouraged!) to contribute to The 1891 to increase the diversity of voices in our community. You’ll see a wide variety of subject matter, as well as a virtual book club! The 1891 will allow us to stay connected with our members outside the limitations of a periodic newsletter. (However, The Advocate will also continue into the foreseeable future.)

Not only will The 1891 allow the CWBA to connect with members (and vice versa), but we also hope that The 1891 becomes a space for women to connect with each other. Women can achieve incredible things by using their voices and pursuing their passions. The 1891 is a place for members to join forces for the greater good, find the support they need in their careers/family lives, and support others.

We hope you enjoy The 1891! Please provide us with your feedback—or volunteer to submit a post!

Happy reading,

Catherine “Cat” Shea

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