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Breaking Through the Ceiling!

We saw the glass ceiling shatter a few weeks ago as Kamala Harris was elected Vice President — the first woman, African and Asian American to hold that role. FINALLY! This was excellent news for all girls and women, who are now able to see a woman in the second-highest office in the land.

The election was on the heels of a Board training led by Lisa Gonzalez, Esq., of Culture Results, LLC. Lisa shared some amazing tips on how women leaders can really break through invisible barriers and lead beyond.

With growth mindsets, we are all driven to defy limits and develop our careers and relationships. Lisa described that hitting our ceiling often happens in our careers, but with the right tools we can identify problems, solve them, and move forward.

One such tool aims to improve personal effectiveness and satisfaction by identifying tasks to delegate. For those of us who love to make lists and charts, Lisa suggests making a list of everything you do in a given day, including, personal, business, and parental duties, fitness, etc. Then transfer this list into four spaces:

Using this chart is a real eye-opener. Looking at all of your big and small assignments, tasks, and chores provides clarity on where you’re spending your time. I shared this concept with my sister who provided a great example:

After completing the chart, Lisa suggests continuing to update it for a few weeks to see if there are any additions or corrections. Then delegate tasks that continue to appear in the “don’t like it, not good at it” category. It’s way too easy for things that you don’t like and aren’t good at to consume your time and energy.

This clarity is helpful when it comes to saying yes or no to certain tasks. Many of us want to do everything, but we all know there just isn’t time. As we all are tasked with so many demands, using this exercise helps us drill down to where our time and energy is best spent. Delegation frees up time to focus on the important things you enjoy and do well.

Thank you, Lisa, for sharing this simple tool to help us break through the our own ceilings and lead beyond.


Rhoda Pilmer is an At-Large member of the CWBA Board of Directors. She is an Administrative Chief Trial Deputy with the Adam's County District Attorney Office.

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