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Inside the CWBA: Top 10 Reasons to Attend Virtual Convention

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

On behalf of the CWBA Convention Committee, we know that a virtual conference is not the same. Nevertheless, we hope you will join us! Here are the Top Ten Reasons to attend:

10. You won’t have to lug around that heavy swag bag! Okay, this is understandably a downside of virtual conferencing. BUT, these were in the works and will be back next year bigger and heavier than ever. So, give your arms a rest during this historical time. Double the goodies next year!

9. As always, we are kid friendly. Zoom is mutable, so when your 8-year old is jumping off furniture and it sounds like world wrestling in your house, no one knows this. For those of us working from home (in between failed attempts at home schooling), no need to change your schedule. Kid cameos are welcome. The minute you start a meeting is when they will pop over your shoulder to watch. Let them and let’s all wave! Like I told my son during a recent CWBA convention committee meeting, “these are all lawyers. She’s a Judge… She is the lawyer for a huge company…, etc.” What a cool opportunity to share who we are and our programming with our kids.

8. You can join from anywhere. Back in the office? We have staggered programming so you can catch some of the sessions or all of them. Still working from home? Let’s see those kitchens, basements, bedrooms, and living rooms in the background! Totally normal. Or, there is Tiger King virtual background available to download. Also normal during this historical time.

7. Zoom is easy. For those of us who do not like new things or navigating new technology, I have not attended many webinars. They feel cold and unfamiliar. Now, most of us have been introduced to Zoom and have done a video conference (or happy hour) or two. While we look forward to meeting again in person, this is a historical time and will be memorable! With luck, this will be an exclusive opportunity to attend convention virtually, and we will all be talking about it for years to come. Don’t miss out.

6. The programming is really, really good! Not only is it not COVID related, the CWBA has its typical slate of high quality, nationally renowned speakers and practitioners lined up on timely topics ranging from wellness and gender equality to the changing workplace.

5. You can’t embarrass yourself on Zoom. Again, this could be a downside. But for those of us who have embarrassed ourselves on the karaoke stage, this offers a reprieve from regrettable footage. But again, just a reason to go bigger and better next year. (Just be aware that there is a camera on your computer if you have it on.)

4. Some of us need an excuse to wash our hair. This could be your chance to wash, blow dry, style your hair, and put on work clothes just for the occasion. What a wonderful and novel opportunity.

3. There is no dress code. No need to pack this year or worry about what to wear. You can stay in your jammies—while we hope to see lots of new and familiar faces, you can watch the conference on Zoom, and turn your screen off so we can’t see you. You also need not wash your hair.

2. This is a critical chance to reconnect. For most of us who have been working from home for several weeks, now, more than ever, we need to support each other and see each other. Many of us are struggling with a new normal and facing uncertain times. Let’s reconnect and do what we do best—help each other build and rebuild.

1. The pivot to the virtual platform by CWBA leadership and the Convention Committee Chairs has been extraordinary. Could we have totally cancelled? Sure. But in this historical time, let’s keep going. That’s what women do. We miss each other. We need the community and rejuvenation the CWBA offers us now more than ever. Your committee chairs and the CWBA leadership and staff have pulled off a remarkable thing. Let’s honor their effort and keep our association strong!

$75 for CWBA members | $90 for non-members Best value! Includes access to all sessions

ALL SESSIONS ARE BEING RECORDED If you miss a session, you can view it later Registration may also be purchased separately for each individual session: $25 each for members, $40 for non-members

Check our website and Facebook page for updates.


Megan Downing is a member of the CWBA Convention Committee and an attorney with RechtKornfeld, PC. Megan is an experienced trial attorney who represents individuals who are under investigation or charged with criminal offenses. Megan completed her undergraduate degree at Colorado State University and her law degree at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law.

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