Professional Spotlight: Rachel Catt

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

The CWBA celebrates LGBTQ Pride.

Since 2002, Rachel has represented clients of all backgrounds in divorce, high-conflict child custody, and LGBTQ family law. Whether it be complex custody disputes, marriage and civil union dissolution, or ADR and same-sex family rights, Rachel has used her experience and influence to change public policy and help both traditional and alternative families gracefully work through difficult times. Now, Rachel has opened up her own law practice and is even more committed to her goals of taking on clients fighting against discrimination, dealing with unique family circumstances, and interested in collaborative dispute resolution rather than court actions.

Rachel’s nearly 20-year career has been a highly successful one, especially when odds seem insurmountable. She is often able to bring combative clients to peaceful resolution outside of court. Still, when court is necessary, Rachel has been aggressive and determined, achieving top outcomes for highly complex family law situations. For example, Rachel’s tenacious counsel on Charisma R v. Kristina S. resulted in a non-biological same-sex parent receiving parental rights—an unprecedented outcome. This success highlights what Rachel is known for: her work within the LGBTQ family law community. As the former President of the LGBT Bar Association in Colorado (2019), she has had a major impact on legislation dealing with civil unions and the rights of same-sex parents. The influence that Rachel has had upon family law in Colorado has led her to be a featured speaker, interviewee, and author for many publications and organizations.

In every area of her life, Rachel is dedicated to bringing positive energy and solutions to both her clients and colleagues. Not only is she a leader in the LGBTQ legal community, but she has taken on leadership roles in the CWBA as well. As a member of the Board, Rachel has strengthened both the Judicial Endorsements Committee and the Legislative Committee with her energy, innovation, and experience. Her recently opened private practice, the Law Office of Rachel Catt, is an exciting opportunity for both Rachel and the many families that she serves to make Colorado more inclusive and diverse.

Rachel On the Landmark Supreme Court Case re LGBTQ Job Discrimination

My thoughts on the Title VI cases are that I am thrilled that nationwide no longer will any American get married on Sunday only to be fired on Monday due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. I am saddened that two of the named plaintiffs did not live to see how their courage and tenacity has lifted up the entire LGBTQ community, but I am encouraged by the positive change that the decision brings to the United States. There is still much work to be done to bring full equality to the LGBTQ community, our BIPOC brothers and sisters and those whose identities intersect. As MLK so famously stated, "the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice." So long as we keep working for positive change we will continue to see remarkable advances like those that have occurred in my lifetime.

Rachel On What Pride Month Means to Her

For me, Pride can be a march or a parade, but it is always a celebration. As a young person during the time of Amendment 2 here in Colorado, it felt more like a march for justice. Since marriage equality in 2014 and now with the advances in employment law, it feels more like a parade. In any event it is always a celebration of love, acceptance, and taking pride in who we are as individuals and as a community. I am now a parent and love taking my girls to Pride each

year. When they were little, I'm pretty sure they thought the rainbow parade was just for them! Pride brings a sense of joy and community that we appreciate as a family. In this strange year, we will place Pride banners in our front yard and watch the events online, centering the experiences of all Black lives, including Black members of the LGBTQ community.


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