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Outside the Law: Patricia M. Jarzobski and Paddle Boarding

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Patricia Jarzobski, posed for her wife, Judge Emily Anderson, while paddle boarding with the couple’s dog Brandi on a gorgeous day at Standley Lake, a Westminster gem that is known for its charm and solitude. Jarzobski is recognized in the Denver legal community by her successful leadership role in the Colorado Bar Association (CBA). In 2016-2017, she was the first female CBA president in 10 years and fifth female president in the CBA’s 123-year history. She is also a Past President of the CWBA.

A respected leader in the legal community for over 25 years, Jarzobski currently practices personal injury and wrongful death at her own firm, The Law Office of Patricia M. Jarzobski, P.C. Among her list of professional accomplishments, with a length that would far exceed my word count for this blog, is that Jarzobski was nominated by Governor John Hickenlooper to the 17th Judicial District Judicial Nominating Commission from 2014-2020.

Patricia Jarzobski and Judge Emily Anderson on their wedding day in Hawaii.

Yet another interesting layer of Jarzobski is her passion for surfing and paddle-boarding. She even will combine her love for outdoor adventures by paddle-boarding and fly-fishing simultaneously. For Jarzobski, the transferrable benefits from these water-sports is non-quantifiable.

Given that we are in a land-locked state, I imagine some readers are also wondering what inspired Jarzobski to get outside and on a surfboard for the first time.

PJ: I did not start until I was age 40. Surfing was always something I never thought I could do. When you do it, when you ride a wave, it’s a thrill - very empowering.

On any benefits the acts surfing and paddle-boarding offer to Jarzobski:

PJ: The water, it works its magic. Water has a magic quality to bring you back and erases a lot of things. The stress, burden, demands of our profession, are just released.

In sum, on the transferable benefits water activities have on her legal professional life,

PJ: When we can get outside and can get connected with whatever nature is for you, it helps us deal with the demands of the profession.

When we can clear our heads, we’re more innovative and creative. We make that space for those “aha” moments that happen. When we’re trying to solve a problem, meet with a board of directors, or dealing with family, we make that space for those “aha” moments to happen.

It helps me be a better lawyer and leader.

Women of all ages can participate in paddle-boarding! For readers feeling inspired to explore some of our beautiful lakes and reservoirs, Jarzobski recommends her all-time favorite spot – Hunts Lake near Steamboat Springs.

Learn more about Patricia Jarzobski and her practice by visiting:!


Hanna Yearout is a member of the CWBA publications committee and co-editor of the Outside the Law column. She currently works as a legal assistant for Ogborn Mihm, LLP and will be attending  the University of Denver Sturm College of Law this Fall 2020. She obtained her bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Colorado - Boulder. During her undergraduate studies, she attended the School of International Training in Geneva, Switzerland where her thesis was  "Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict: Consequences of a Pervasive Yet Invisible Reality." During her free time, Hanna also actively serves as a Wish Granter for Make-A-Wish Colorado, visiting with wish kids to help determine his or her one true wish and working with wish families throughout the wish process.

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